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CDG Download and Burn Software

Download and Burn your own CDG Karaoke discs!

To burn CDG karaoke discs on your own PC you must first install our special Download and Burn software.

This special program will be launched when you click on a CDG karaoke disk specification you've compiled and ordered on our site. It will download the disc content and burn it to a compatible CD burner on your PC. The whole process only takes a few minutes!

What do you need to run the Download and Burn software?

  • The software will run on Windows XP Service Pack 3 and later versions of Windows (Vista, Windows 7). It will not run on Macintosh or Linux computers (sorry!)

  • The software will work with most CD/DVD burners. It will automatically check to see if there are compatible drives when it starts up, so you should download and install the software to check this before you order a CDG Download and Burn disc.

  • You must have Windows Media Player installed to run this software. If you don't have Windows Media Player installed go here to find a version for your computer and follow the instructions to install it.

  • The program runs under dotnet 3.5. The installer will automatically install it if you do not already have it installed.

Installing the software (Summary)

  1. First please make sure that Windows Media player is installed on your PC (go here)

  2. Download and install the EasyBurn program (click here)

  3. Launch the program at the end of the installation process and configure the drive you want to use.

  4. Click on a CDG Download and Burn link on our website to start the download and burn process

Installing the Software (Step by Step)

  • Make sure you have Windows Media Player installed on your system.

    This is usually in the Start/All Programs Menu and most Windows systems come with it pre-installed.

    If you do not have it, click here, select your operating system and follow the download instructions.

    Microsoft Windows Media Player is free of charge.

    Check Windows Media Player

  • First click here to start downloading and installing the software. You will see a 'Run or Save dialog'. Click Run.

    Run or Save Dialog
  • Click Run in the 'Security Warning' dialog

    Run or Save Dialog
  • If you do not have dotnet Framework 3.5 installed you will see these dialogs

    Click install to start the dotnet 3.5 framework installation

    If you already have Microsoft's dotnet Framework (3.5) you will not see these dialogs.

    Run or Save Dialog
  • The framework installer will download quite quickly.

    Run or Save Dialog
  • but the installation may take several minutes.

    Run or Save Dialog
  • The Installer will now start up

    Please follow the onscreen instructions until the installation is complete

    Run or Save Dialog
  • When the installer has completed the installation, be sure to allow it to launch the EasyHomeBurn program.

    This will check to make sure that you have CD writers on your PC which will support download and burn.

    If the program reports that you have no compatible drives then you will need to upgrade your drive to support CDG burning.

    Most modern CD/DVD writers work with this system.

    Run or Save Dialog